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Below you can calculate the tax benefit that you will receive when you make a donation.

Monetary Donations

Enter either the Donation amount or the tax credit in order to find out what the net cost of your donation.

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This Tax Calculator assumes that you are a resident of British Columbia and follow the provincial tax credit rates. We encourage you to consult a financial professional in order to determine your specific tax situation.


Tax Credit Information

The Canadian Government encourages charitable giving by providing a tax credit for charitable gifts to registered charities. Atira is registered with the Canada Revenue agency, to view Atira’s registration page please visit . Tax credits may vary depending on the province you live in. Either spouse can claim the tax credit, regardless of who’s names the donation receipt is in. Unclaimed charitable donations can be carried forward for up to five years.

The first $200 of a donation is eligible for a 20.06% tax credit, everything after the first $200 is eligible for a 43.7% tax credit.  This applies to all donations made to registered charities in Canada, for example:

Donation to Atira - $300

Donation to ABC charity - $300

Donation to LMN charity - $300

Donation to XYZ Charity - $100

Total gifts made to registered charities in Canada is $1000. Your tax calculation would be as follows:

First $200

$200 x 20.06%


Balance $800

$800 x 43.7%


Total eligible amount for tax credit