Maxxine Wright Shelter

The Maxxine Wright Shelter opened in February 2010, and serves women who are pregnant or have a newborn and need a safe place to stay.  Women can access the shelter at any point during their pregnancy, and potentially stay until their baby is 6 months old. 

The shelter is staffed 24/ 7 and staff provides a wide range of supports including emotional and practical support, parenting support, advocacy, accompaniments, child-care, information and help connecting to other resources. 

Since opening, the shelter has provided the opportunity for many women to parent their babies instead of their babies being removed at birth.  As well, babies have been returned to their mothers and some older siblings have also been reunited with their family from foster care or other arrangements.

The shelter works closely with the related community health centre to offer informal groups on infant development, parenting, feeding, attachment and other topics.